e started on the long hard road to creating the first edition of EuroTravel Magazine in early 2012 and issue number one appeared in November that year. Right from the beginning we wanted to produce an online only magazine that combined the design values of the best travel magazines in print with the huge advantages that digital publications offer readers and advertisers. The idea was to make the magazine full of interactive stuff from videos to external websites which pop up in the middle of the magazine and lots of other exciting things.

When the first edition went live, so much blood, sweat and mostly tears, not to mention countless sleepless nights and coffee-infused days, had been invested in it that the prospect of readers thinking it was rubbish would have resulted in extensive therapy.  But, in fact, we were bowled over by how staggeringly positive the comments were and that’s why we’ve included some of them on the home page. The word people kept coming up with is “beautiful”. Now I know everyone thinks their baby is beautiful even if they look like an infantile Winston Churchill, but to have it confirmed right across-the-board from readers to advertisers to contributors is so very gratifying. On top of this we were absolutely delighted recently to be nominated and shortlisted, together with TripAdvisor and just one other website, for a travel industry award based on content, layout and innovation.

So why Europe? Very simple really – we know it inside-out having travelled to pretty much all of it over the last few decades. Its immense diversity continues to appeal and surprise, offering so much fun, culture and enjoyment to both the new and old visitor.  On top of that there are lots of  quality print magazines for the armchair traveller with each edition featuring destinations from the four corners of the globe with first class photography and writing. EuroTravel Magazine is a different animal. By focusing on Europe it seeks to appeal more to the committed traveller with definite ideas about where they want to go, whether it’s to one of the greatest cities in the world such as Paris, Venice or Rome or to a remote little hill village in the middle of nowhere, where no-one speaks a word of English.

EuroTravel isn’t part of a giant publishing empire. It’s a small business run by a very small and dedicated team of enthusiastic, knowledgeable and altogether delicious, mostly human beings. We want you to share our love of all that makes Europe so very special.  If we can also  share a bit of our knowledge to make your travels go from good to great then part of our objective will have been met – we’d like to make some money too, sometime, but that’s another story!