Equestrian Events in United Kingdom to Plan Your Holiday Around

There are perhaps very few regions in the world where polo commands as large a following as it does in the United Kingdom, and shortly the main polo season in the UK will begin again. The first high profile tournament of the season is held at the end of May, and is known as The Prince of Wales Trophy . Because it opens the season, much attention is drawn to the tournament, and in the proceeding weeks, thousands continue to gather to attend The Queen’s Cup, The Warwickshire Cup, The Gold Cup, and the Audi International. There’s also the prestigious Veuve Clicquot Gold Cup, the tournament that every player dreams of winning.

Polo events in the UK can attract over 20,000 spectators, who have all come to support their homegrown teams or just enjoy watching the sport, and very few things have been able to quell the passion that the British people have for polo. The Financial Times  reports that even the unsavory weather in the UK could doesn’t stop thousands from attending polo clubs, and even though the teams find themselves struggling in the dismal conditions, high spirits still prevail.

Although, the British’s love for equestrian sports extends beyond polo, of course, with the Grand National –the event described by Betfair as “the biggest race in British jump racing”– drawing in a record-breaking 153,000 people, according to the BBC. Every year, many horse racing and jump racing events command the attention of British equestrian fans, to the point that these races have become some of the most anticipated social and sporting events every year.

Much in the same way, polo continues to command the attention of hundreds of thousands of people, and these numbers continue to grow, especially with the pressure now being put on the Hurlingham Polo Association – the governing body for British polo – to get behind women’s polo, according to the Telegraph. With many British women players now being sent to South Africa to train in the sport, Nina Clarkin, the top female player in the world, has said that, “Women players represent one of the largest growing sectors in the sport and it seems to be a trend worldwide and one that does not seem to be slowing down. The interest and the demand for women’s polo is really high and this allows women players to travel around the International circuit, making money, playing quality polo, and visiting fantastic places.”

British polo and horse racing continues to evolve, but regardless of the regular bad weather or changing demographics, equestrian sports continue to draw huge crowds of spectators and offers travelers a thrilling experience in the UK.


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