Intersail Club launches wine and sailing cruises along the Amalfi Coast and Sicily

Intersailclub has launched wine cruises and yacht tours on Capri and the Amalfi Coast, and Sicily. They offer transfers and guided tours across the best local wineries, and stops at the most fascinating islands and the coastal community of southern Italy each day, making it a unique and pleasurable flotilla sailing holiday for adventure and wine enthusiasts alike.

For those keen to learn about southern Italian wine, Italian cuisine, and sailing, Intersailclub offers wine cruises and yacht tours on the enchanting Amalfi Coast at,704.html to satisfy every traveler’s palate and wanderlust. As part of the wine cruises and yacht tours on Capri and the Amalfi Coast, travelers can choose to sail with nine other boats in the open Mediterranean Sea to the most beautiful bays, inlets, natural parks, and caves, as well as enjoy swimming and diving in the ocean. In the evening, they can find each other again to go exploring and wine tasting.

An alternative wine cruise tour in Southern Italy  is the Sicily wine and trek sailing trip at,2057.html#your-trip. Starting in Taormina, the wine cruises take you to the most fascinating parts of Sicily and transfer travelers to the best Sicilian wineries for travelers to savor the rich local wine. Additional activities during the wine cruises include active volcano trekking, sightseeing, fishing lessons, and sunset watching.

With the launch of wine cruises and yacht tours in Southern Italy, exploring Sicily and the Amalfi Coast has become more exciting and is super convenient in a unique way- by boat. Sailing trips are perfect for individuals and families, regardless of experience. Novice sailors have a skipper to ease them into sailing and make sure they enjoy their sailing trip. The mini mega-yacht offers spacious living rooms and lavish dining rooms, with air conditioners, fishing and snorkeling gear, and a chef on board.


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