We Don’t Understand Cheaper Roaming Charges

Holidaying Like It’s 1999 Because We Don’t Understand Cheaper Roaming Charges, says FrenchEntrée

 83% either under or over-estimate cost of new EU roaming charges, according to site

 While the exotic few download from a snow-scooter, or even at a French brothel, the majority of us wait until we’re back at the hotel to search the net on hols…just like the old days

 Most holiday makers are not making the most of their smartphones or tablets abroad despite over 70% owning an iPhone, iPad or similar, according to specialist property websiteFrenchEntrée.

A few adventurous souls have downloaded apps, videos or searched the internet on a snowscooter in Finland, while walking the Great Wall of China, out in the Sahara Desert, or even in a French brothel. Others have successfully searched while diving off the Great Barrier Reef, scaling mountains, or on safari.

Three quarters of travellers, however, stick to the hotel when it comes to looking things up online, says FrenchEntrée, which conducted the survey.

60% said they were not aware of changes in 40 EU counties, including France, Spain and Italy, that came into force this July, which capped roaming charges on mobile devices.

83% either over or under-estimated how much it would cost, and only 30% who said they understood the changes were more relaxed about undertaking internet searches as a result.

Guy Hibbert, Managing Director of FrenchEntrée, says, “Despite most of us taking our devices away with us, many are simply not taking advantage of adhoc events or amazing restaurant offers abroad, because of our lack of understanding and misperceptions about roaming charges.”

Holiday Habits Online:

Just 6% undertake searches while out and about in a foreign country, or travelling by car or by train.

Only 1% say they have looked up information on the internet while on the beach.

 Reasons for Going Online on Holiday:

While 35% of us take a smart device on holiday to stay in contact with friends and family, 15% do so to keep on top of things at the office, with 26% saying they take it with them to search for interesting places to visit en vacances.

5% take their technology in case of a travel or health emergency and 3% specifically take their mobile or tablet to check train, plane and ferry times.

 Guy adds, “While most of us are living 21st century lives at home, the majority are having holidays straight out of the 1990s because we don’t take advantage of cheaper roaming charges.”

FrenchEntrée  is:

The French property market specialist for foreign buyers, providing impartial advice on everything from French property buying and living in France to planning a holiday in the country. Launched in 2004, FrenchEntrée has grown to become an invaluable source of advice and inspiration for hundreds of thousands of people, with a team of property consultants, a database of over 14,000 properties, a lively online forum aimed at helping members get the best out of living in France, as well as a beautiful magazine focusing on French culture, property and lifestyle.

 FrenchEntrée is owned by France Media, publishers of France Today, the leading journal of French travel and culture, as well as a number of newsletters and the website finefrenchproperty.com


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