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You imagine yourself buying a warm baguette and having a sneaky nibble on your way, sharing a hearty laugh with a moustachioed cheese maker in a neighbourhood fromagerie, eating a crêpe from a street vendor or opening a bottle of Côte de Nuit on the bank of the Seine. If you are a Francophile, if you are in love with “Frenchness”, if you wish to avoid the typical Parisian tourist route and instead explore the French art of living through the chef d’œuvres of French architecture, if you feel like learning a little about the French, their history, culture, and traditions as well as the real meanings of such expressions as “art de vivre”,”art de table”…. which will then give you a better understanding of the French mindset, and if, finally, along this journey, you feel like having a gourmet feast, then Delicious Paris is perfect for you.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if, when we travel to a new and unfamiliarity, we could find someone waiting for us to show us the secrets of the city. So, if you are planning your trip to Paris and would like to be welcomed by a friend, to explore the city at your pace in an intimate and warm atmosphere, Olga, the enthusiastic founder of Delicious Paris, will offer you exclusive tailor made private walking tours designed especially for you.

On the day of the tour Olga will adapt the tour accordingly, taking into account whether any children, elderly people or incapacitated people are involved. Her Delicious Paris tours, which combine food, history and culture, are especially fitting for those who are new to Paris. During the tour Olga will introduce you to the Parisian way of life, explain how to get around the city by public transportation, and give you plenty of useful tips either on the day of your arrival in Paris or during your tour.

Delicious Paris is not an agency. Olga alone works on all the files of the clients and delivers all the tours herself. From the correspondence with every client she learns in advance what their needs are and tries to exceed their expectations. Delicious Paris is a service with a human touch. At the beginning of the tour Olga knows everyone’s age, gender, job, allergies or walking difficulties. After the tour she knows the whole family story!

All her clients know that they can always get in touch with her even after the tour has finished to ask her a question, seek advice or even call her when they are lost. She will become not only your guide, but your travel advisor and friend.

Read what some past clients have said about Olga on TripAdvisor:

“The Promenade with Olga felt more like a gathering of old friends”

“She is really a warm and lovely individual who felt like an old friend by the end. She was also extremely flexible and stayed with us as long as we needed”

“Olga’s tours were so much more than about food. She is a wealth of knowledge regarding French history and culture. Around every corner is a story and every open courtyard a place to explore. She is a true, although not a native, Parisian. Her deep love of this breathtaking city shows.”

If you hoped that a friend was waiting for you in Paris, Delicious Paris will be perfect for you.


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