Greek Islands You Simply Can’t Miss

Spread across the glittering Mediterranean Sea, wrapped around the coast of one of Europe’s most enchanting destinations, are around two thousand unique Greek Islands.

These islands are home to everything from luxurious beaches to relics of the ancient world, and they offer an eclectic range of activities and experiences for travellers that make for their sunny shores.

The trouble is, with so many islands to see and so many things to experience, picking just one Greek Island destination can be tough. To help you make that all-important choice, here are four Greek Island destinations that are absolutely unmissable.

Santorini Oia

The Dark Island of Santorini

No doubt if you’ve ever considered a trip to the Greek Islands, Santorini has appeared on your radar. This unusual place is the pinnacle of contrast, combining towns of elegant white architecture with the dark and tough terrain that makes up the majority of this volcanic island.

Popular with visitors looking for luxury villa escapes or those seeking the perfect sunset, Santorini also hosts excellent opportunities for hiking and diving, with dramatic landscapes and scenery found both above and below the waves.


The Colourful Island of Kefalonia

If Santorini is the island of unusual Greek beauty, then Kefalonia is the island of traditional Greek beauty.

Home to rustic hillsides and mountains, rolling greenery, sandy beaches complete with white shores, azure blue seas and sleepy little Greek towns and villages, Kefalonia is the perfect example a picturesque Greek Island.

The natural beauty of this island cannot be understated, with locations like the mythical cave of melissani offering up unique and breathtaking experiences fabricated purely in the workshop of mother earth.

Whether you are looking to relax on the beach, roam the coastlines and mountains in search of Greek adventure, sip coffee in a quaint dockside cafe or take in a little bit of everything, Kefalonia is the island to visit.

Windsurfing Lefkada

The Watersporting Island of Lefkada

Lefkada is a beautiful place, perfect for a bit of Greek Island sailing, setting out a sun lounger and soaking up rays or enjoying seafood at one of the oceanside restaurants stocked with locally caught and delicious Mediterranean fish.

The island is also the best place in Greece, and also one of the top locations in all of Europe, to spend an afternoon catching waves in the warm Greek sun. Due to the shape and location of the island, a number of beaches experience very high winds making them popular with enthusiasts taking part in a variety of sports.

You don’t have to be an expert to get involved, and visitors to the island can easily rent out a board for the afternoon and head out for some thrills and spills in the Lefkada waters.

Knossos Crete

The Historic Island of Crete

Crete is an island with a past so long and illustrious that it rivals Athens itself.

Visitors to the island should come well prepared for exploring a range of different ruins from two distinct eras. There are ancient Greek ruins here but also ruins from the older Minoan civilisation that existed in the furthest reaches of the past.  

While the list of sites to visit is simply vast, make sure you find the time for impressive ruins of Knossos city. Established around 9,000 years ago, this Minoan settlement was potentially the largest and most influential city in all of Europe at one point in human history.

While only a fraction of the city still stands, you’ll still be treated to examples of houses, stairways, roads and even sections of the palace around which the city was based.

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