Making the most of Meribel

Meribel is a ski resort at the centre of the Three Valleys in the French Alps. Within these valleys, Meribel is neighboured by some equally impressive villages, in addition to a wide variety of different slopes that cater for different ability levels. Together the valleys represent an interlinked sports area. They do cater for different sports, but primarily it is all about skiing – something that the region does remarkably well.

An impressive array of skiing

From your chalet, Meribel has an incredible amount of slopes in all directions. It is worth nothing that particular destinations are designed for individuals of certain ability. In total the Three Valleys skiing area covers a distance of over 600 km. This includes 164 ski lifts, 287 pistes and numerous snow parks. Needless to say, any level of skier will have more than enough slopes at their disposal, meaning that their experience can become tailored to their desires. This is great for someone confident of tackling some of the more daunting slopes around the village. However, for a more nervous skier looking tentatively out of the window of their chalet, Meribel also offers a total of 45 beginner slopes. Now, when it comes to the really nervous individual, telling them that there is a difference between a beginner and an advanced slope will mean little – all great mounds of snow look frightening in the eyes of the uninitiated! In these cases it is important that they have some knowledge about which slopes are particularly geared for those at an amateur level.

From beginner to advanced

For skiers both of an amateur level and a more advanced level, it is worth considering buying a Three Valley pass. This will give you access to the entire range of slopes across the area, in addition to all the transport systems that let you easily get between them. A beginner’s week can start with the more local slopes around the village. All these slopes come under a ‘green’ tier, which indicates their level of difficulty. It is advised that a new skier gets used to the feel and handling of the sport on these slopes. For additional guidance, they can also seek instruction from one of the many ski schools available in the region. Again, from a chalet, Meribel is compact enough to mean that these instructor schools can be located easily. They allow a beginner to slowly ease onto the slopes, guiding their every step until they are confident to take on the more monolithic slopes.

And everything in between

The advantage of a Three Valley pass is that it allows for progression, so that as the individual begins to feel more confident on the green tier they can easily access the next tiered slope (which is blue). The locations of these slopes can be found on a map that you can obtain at instructor schools if you have not already been given one in your accommodation. This will detail where the different tiers of slopes can be found, in addition to the types of transport available (i.e. chairlifts etc.).

Earl Knudsen is Marketing Manager for Alpine Answers, a specialist ski travel agency, tour operator, and booking service offering bonded package holidays at a ski chalet Meribel and other tailor-made itineraries. For a luxury or good-value skiing holiday in a ski chalet, Meribel is an ideal location


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