Romantic Rome

Romantic Rome: Top 5 Places To Go and Things to Do

1. Rent a vintage Vespa or Fiat 500 or take a riverboat cruise along the River Tiber. The Wine Bar Cruise offers local wines and finger food as you take in the city’s historical sites from the water

2. Prepare to be awestruck by Il Colosseo, the Colosseum, Rome’s magnificent amphitheatre, but just as magnificent is the lesser-known Vittorio Emanuele II, Monument to Victor Emmanuel. Jokingly nicknamed ‘The Typewriter’ and ‘The Wedding Cake’ by the Romans, the roof terraces afford wonderful views over Rome – don’t miss it!

3. Make sure you have enough time to do Romantic Rome by night when the city comes alive, dancing with dazzling lights. Culture vultures can don their glad rags for an unforgettable night at the Opera

4. La Notte Bianca (The White Night)… head to the city in September for a full-on night of festivities. From 8pm-8am, museums, shops, cinemas etc. remain open and hundreds of events are laid on during this annual opportunity to discover treasures and culture on every corner of the capital

5. The Trevi Fountain – the largest and most famous in the city. Still worth visiting even though it’s currently empty and being refurbished.


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