The Top 10 Apps You Need For Hassle Free Travel

1. DoodleStruggling to find a week that works for all your friends or family to go away? Doodle is the app for you. You can create a poll of potential dates, send it to your holiday mates and let them vote on the best week for them. Once all have voted Doodle works out the best slot for everyone and notifies the organiser. Holiday hassle over!
Free to download on iOS, and your friends don’t even need to have the app for it to work.






2. SkyscannerSkyscanners app allows you to search and book cheap flights on the go. If you know where you want to go the app will aggregate fares from airlines and the big travel sites to make sure you bag the best deal. And if you’re looking for inspiration a great new feature means you can ‘spin the globe’ to find the cheapest holiday destinations of the moment.

Free to download on iOS and Android






3. XE CurrencyThis handy app automatically calculates conversions for you. You can even sign up for free email updates with currency rates, making sure you will always get the best deal when purchasing your holiday money. And if you want to make sure you have the up to the minute Euro rate, just shake your phone, and the rates will reset.
Free to download on iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows


4. PackPointNever know what to pack? Just enter where you’re going, your departure data and how long you’ll be away for into this handy app and problem solved. The app will tell you what you need to bring based on the weather where you are going, how long you are there and what activities you have planned. No excuse to forget the sun cream now.
£2.99 on iOS and Android


5. GateGuruThe ultimate airport app. It guides you directly to your gate, lets you know if your flight is experiencing any delays and most importantly , highlights the best restaurants and duty free options in the airport you are in.
Free on iOS, Android and Windows


6. Jet Lag App Jet Lag can cost you precious days on your holiday. Prepare your body for the change by adding your departure and arrival information to this app. The app will then supply you with invaluable advice, tailored to your trip, and help you avoid sleeping through your trip away.
Free to download on iOS

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7. Free Wi-Fi Finder – We’ve all experienced the desperate search for Wi-Fi checking every café or shop we pass. This app prevents that, you search your area, several options pop up and you head to the nearest one. Cleverly it also allows you to download a map of all the free wi-fi spots before you head off to your destination, so that should you have no signal at all you can still find a place to connect.
Free to download on iOS


8. HolidayPirates – HolidayPirates searches the internet for the very best deals on flights, car rental, hotels, villas etc. daily. A great app for those looking for a last minute get away or advice on how to plan your trip in the cheapest way possible.
Free to download on iOS and Android

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9. ForeverMap 2 – Use this to download decent maps of your destination country before traveling, allowing you to avoid data roaming costs. This means you can turn off your phone data and still find your way to the restaurant, bar or beach you had picked out previously.
$2.99 on iOS

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10. Google Translate – Universally useful. One extra feature that makes it indispensable are the offline language dictionaries. Again, these allow you to avoid any extra data roaming charges while still managing to talk like a native with the locals.
Free to download on iOS




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