UK Government offers advice on Bulgarian Strip Clubs and Prostitutes

According to the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) some tourists have been victims of overcharging in strip clubs in Sofia and in some resorts; overcharging can amount to hundreds of pounds and victims have been threatened with violence if they don’t pay.

They also say that you should be aware of prostitutes around Burgas and Sunny Beach and aware of pickpockets in city centres and tourist resorts especially in crowded areas like buses, trains and busy streets. There has been an increase in burglaries from hotel rooms in Sunny Beach.

Prostitution is not illegal in Bulgaria however the FCO  has received numerous reports of pickpocketing, muggings and assaults of British nationals by prostitutes and their minders. They suggest that tourists should avoid areas where prostitutes operate especially late at night, including car parks, badly lit areas and areas with bushes and trees. Stick to main routes and avoid alleys and short cuts in Sunny Beach.

There have been reports of car tyres being deliberately punctured across Bulgaria. While investigating the puncture, someone distracts the driver and personal belongings and documents are stolen from the vehicle. Be vigilant if you have to stop in these circumstances and make sure your belongings are secure.

Protests may happen in cities across Bulgaria. These are usually peaceful but may attract extreme groups so there is a small risk of violence. Avoid all protests, keep up to date with media reports and follow the advice of the local authorities.

Take care when driving, particularly at night. Many roads are in poor condition and road works are often unlit or unmarked. Driving standards are generally poor. Avoid confrontations with aggressive drivers. Stick to the speed limit and make sure your vehicle is roadworthy. On the spot fines are charged for minor violations.

Stray dogs are common and dangerous. Avoid getting too close to stray dogs, especially if they are in a pack. Take any animal bites seriously and seek immediate medical advice as rabies and other animal borne diseases are present in Bulgaria.


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