From bikinis and bathtubs to towels and tarantulas, what do your packing habits say about you?

From bikinis and bow ties to snorkels and stilettos, you can tell a lot apparently about a person by what they take on holiday.

Whether it’s a Caribbean chill out, a stateside adventure, or fun in the Far East, find out where you should go based on your packing habits by clicking on Pack your dream bag and Virgin Atlantic will plan the perfect trip giving advice on where to go, what to see, where to eat and what to do.  We will even show you live tweets from the destination and a totally unique, personal film to put you in the mood to fly.

Although flip flops, sunglasses, guidebooks and towels are definitely amongst the most popular items to pack Virgin Atlantic has also investigated some of the stranger items that travellers have tried to take on board. Some of the more unusual items that have been brought to the check in desk include:

– a bath tub

– a full size mattress

 – a car door

 – a bag of frozen crabs and a freeze dried blow fish

– a pet tarantula

– a dead cow wrapped in plastic

– a bag full of sand, shells and sea water as a memory from the island a couple met and fell in love on.

Click on to pack your bag and see where you’ll end up


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