Picking the right trip within budget is the biggest cause of pre-holiday stress for Brits

·       39% of pre-holiday stress is caused by finding the right place to stay within the chosen budget, with 33% saying choosing the right hotel causes them the most anxiety.

·       37% worry about travelling to the airport just before their break, with a further 38% saying unexpected costs are their most pressing concern.

·       While abroad 36% worry most about getting to grips with the local transport.

Choosing the right trip within budget is the biggest cause of pre-holiday stress for British holidaymakers according to an online travel agent.

Alpharooms.com discovered that 40% of adults recently polled consider finding the right holiday, at the right budget, the most stressful aspect of picking their summer break. Identifying the right destination (32%) and hotel (33%) are also listed as worrisome by those surveyed.

Prior to departure it is passports that people are most worried about forgetting, with over half (58%) of those surveyed citing this as their biggest cause for concern. Women (18%) were almost twice as likely as men (10%) to worry about forgetting their toiletries, while men were more likely to be apprehensive about leaving their money behind (48% as compared to 42% of women).

But it wasn’t only leaving travel documentation, cash and toothbrushes at home that left travellers anxious before their flight. Thirty-seven per cent of those surveyed worry about travelling to the airport, with a further 38% saying unexpected costs were their most pressing concern.

When they finally reach the resort, it is mastering the local transport that makes 36% feel apprehensive. Finding a restaurant catering for the entire party’s dietary requirements also contributed to 35% of all holiday stress. As perhaps would be expected, this was of greatest concern to people aged 35-44, who are likely to be struggling with young fussy eaters.

Jacky Bedlow, CEO of alpharooms.com, says: “Picking a holiday seems to be the biggest cause of stress before travelling, with concerns about extra costs and uncertainty around food and drink options being of biggest concern while away.

These findings certainly help to explain the 13% increase in all inclusive bookings we have seen over the past five years, as customers look for some degree of certainty around their holiday experience. These packages offer customers peace of mind as they do not need to worry about extra costs once on holiday for food, transfers, or activities.”

Remembering to bring everything back home is the most worry-inducing part of the return journey, with 38% of travellers concerned they will leave something behind.

It is not all worry however, as savvy Brits are turning to travel hacks to make their holidays run more smoothly. Sixty-one per cent keep all their travel documents in a sleeve wallet to make the check-in process run more smoothly, with men 6% more likely to do so than women. While 27% categorise their hand luggage to get through security quicker and 20% of travellers wear their heaviest clothes on the journey to avoid paying baggage charges, with those aged 25-34 the most likely to follow this frugal tip.

When it comes to finally de-stressing and getting into the holiday mood, it is opening a book that triggers relaxation for most, with 41% of holidaymakers saying this is the defining moment in terms of destressing. Thirty-four per cent find they get in the holiday spirit when they have a drink at the airport.


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