The World’s Worst Tippers? No it’s not the Brits!

  • Americans are the world’s best tippers
  • British travellers are amongst the least generous, tipping just seven per cent compared to the global average of 11 per cent
  • Germans far more generous than the Brits

The new Global Tipping Index from Direct Line Travel Insurance can reveal that it is the French, not the British, who take the top spot as the world’s worst tippers. The Index investigated tipping trends from holiday hotspots across the globe, such as Barcelona, Las Vegas, Paris, Phuket, Sao Paulo and Ibiza.

While Brits abroad are notoriously known for their poor tipping practices, the findings highlight that it is the French who take the inglorious title of the world’s tightest tippers. One in three (30 per cent) of the bars and restaurants interviewed highlight Britain’s closest continental neighbour as most tight-fisted. British travellers were placed second (21 per cent) with Italy (11 per cent) completing the bottom three.

At the other end of the league table, over a quarter (27 per cent) of the establishments in the Global Tipping Index highlight that Americans are the most generous tippers. This is followed by the Germans (21 per cent) and the Russians (16 per cent). Only six per cent of bars highlighted Brits as the best tippers.


Best and worst tippers

World’s best tippers
 CountryPercentage of establishments that voted this country as one of the best for tipping

World’s worst tippers

 CountryPercentage of establishments that voted this country as one of the worst for tipping

Source: Direct Line Travel Insurance, 2015


The Global Tipping Index reveals that the average tip received by bars and restaurants across the world is 11 per cent, with the most generous tips being given in Argentina and the USA (both 13 per cent).

Despite this, Brits tip seven per cent in bars and restaurants, two thirds of the global average. More than a third (35 per cent) of restaurants and bars went on to say that British travellers do not tip anything at all.

Tom Bishop, head of travel insurance at Direct Line, comments: “Tipping expectations vary hugely across the globe and reflect different cultures, attitudes and laws.

“To avoid uncomfortable situations and causing offence abroad do your research into the nuances of tipping in the country you are visiting, as practices can vary widely from country to country.”


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