European Travel – Western and Eastern Europe

If you’re about to travel to western and eastern Europe we want to provide you with some highlights. When it comes to European travel – western and eastern Europe, there are so many things to see. Depending on what you prefer to do on your holidays we have some different kinds of attractions ready just for you. Let’s get started!

Number one in the western parts of Europe is definitely the capital of France, Paris. In the city of love there are different kinds of sightseeing to do. Of course there is the Eiffel Tower, art museums and also Disney Land. You will also find great food and wine in Paris.

Another highlight when traveling to western Europe is London, a city with much to offer. There is the famous Big Ben, alot of shopping experiences and you can take a bus tour if you wish to do more sightseeing. Other parts of England is also great for travelers, you will find the historical Stonehenge and you can visit pubs in small cities and villages.

If you love cobblestone, medieval castles and wonderful beaches then Portugal is a country you absolutely should think about visiting. You will find both history, great scenery and wonderful food in this country. You can mix sun and swimming with great experiences from history to make the most of your travels. They also offer festivals with dance and food, if you’re interested in that make sure to plan a journey when there is a festival coming up.

It’s not only the western parts of Europe that has a lot to offer it’s travelers, the eastern side has got some highlights too. One top pick among tourists is Prague, the capital of Czech Republic. It’s a great place for those who love traveling to an affordable place. In Prague there is many historical places to visit like castles and museums. It’s really a place to visit for any traveler going to Europe.

Another highlight in the eastern parts of Europe is Croatia. In Croatia you find a beautiful scenery, crystal clear oceans and interesting caves, just to mention a few things. It’s really a pearl that gives you a Mediterranean feeling. You will also find historical walls and forts where you can meet a bit of history as well. There is also national parks where you can enjoy the beautiful nature of the country. Croatia really has a lot to offer any kind of traveler.

If you’re interested in vampyres then Transylvania in Romania is the place for your. Here you will find gothic castles that gives you the creeps, in a good way. The nature as well is very beautiful with mountains and you also find villages where it’s like time stood still.

The few highlights we have provided is just a little piece of what’s beautiful when you travel through Eastern and Western Europe. There is a lot to see on this continent and it all depends on what you prefer to do when you travel. Some of us like sightseeing, meanwhile some of us just want to enjoy days on the beach. Europe has something for all of you.

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